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About Us

Steve Fisher began his Shorin-Ryu training at 13 and has learned under the watchful eyes of two international champions in Tadashi Yamashita and Mike Stone.

Mr Fisher has won over 500 hundred awards and trophies nationally and internationally. A few of these awards include:

  • 1977 International Kata Grand Champion
  • 1978 Rocky Mountain MIddleweight Champion
  • 1978 Internationl Fighting Grand Champion
  • 1979 Fort Worth Pro-Am Kata and Fighting Grand Champion
  • 1981 Official Karate Magazine's "Legion of Honour" membership award as "Man of the Decade."

Top 10 Nationally & Regionally Rated

A winner of three coveted Golden Fist Awards for overall excellence. Mr Fisher also won the Chuck Norris/Mike Stone sportsmanship Award and won the Arizona Southwestern Tournament eleven years in a row, an accomplishment unparalleled in karate history.

Seventh Degree Black Belt and Karate Legend, Steve Fisher has appeared in movies such as The Karate - Bronson Lee Champion, Belt Belt Brother and Force Five , and was a special guest on the television show Pacesetters. Steve Fisher has also worked with several movie stars and was involved in the production of Mortal Kombat, Beverly Hills Ninja and Beowolf.

Mr Fisher also appears in the new show "Fight Guys" with Chris Casamassa as hosts on Black Belt TV.